Setting up Trusona for Zoom using 2-Step Verification with TOTP

This guide details the steps required to set up Trusona as a 2-step verification authenticator with TOTP for Zoom

Installing the Trusona App

Before you get started with the instructions below you'll need to install and register with the Trusona App.

  1. Download the Trusona App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Follow the registration steps in the App.
  3. Verify your email by clicking the link from Trusona.
  4. You're setup and ready to go!

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Zoom’s two-factor authentication guide

PLEASE NOTE: Zoom's two-factor authentication feature DOES NOT APPLY to the Zoom desktop client or the Zoom mobile app

Enabling 2FA as Admin or Account Owner

1. Log in to Zoom

Log in to the Zoom Web Portal

2. Navigation & Settings

From the navigation menu, click on Advanced, followed by Security

3. Initializing Setup & Mobile App

The next page will ask you to use the Google Authenticator app. However, the Trusona App will work in its place. Be sure to have in installed on your mobile device before clicking on Next

4. Security Scope Options

You will be given three choices to select from where you can dictate which accounts will use two-step verification.

  • All users in your account

  • Users with specific roles
    • If you choose this option, click Select specified roles. Select which roles will use two-step verification, and then click Ok
  • Users belonging to specific groups
    • If you choose this option, click on the pencil icon. Then, select which groups will have to use two-step verification. Finally, click on Ok

Make sure to select one based on your company’s security policies. Once you have made your choice, click on Save

Select one of the options
Select one of the options

Resetting 2FA For Users

5. Log in to Zoom

Login to the Zoom Web Portal

6. Navigation & Settings

From the navigation menu, click on Advanced, followed by Security

7. Click & Reset

Click on Reset two-step verification for this user. You will then need to enter the username or email-address. Then click on reset

8. Enabling 2FA Reset Process

When the user attempts to login, they will be prompted to set up 2FA again.

Setting Up 2FA As Users

Please note that you can only complete these steps if your admin has enabled 2FA for your account

9. Preparing Mobile Application

Make sure to have the Trusona App installed on your mobile device before logging into your Zoom user account

10. Log in to Zoom

Log in to the Zoom Web Portal

11. Scan the QR Code

A QR code will be shown on the screen.

  1. Open the Trusona app, and tap on the Settings menu
  2. Tap 2-step verification (TOTP)
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Type in the number you see from the Trusona app
Scanning the code
Scanning the code

12. Finalize

Enter the code from the app into the screen, then click Continue It should now show that two-factor authentication is enabled for your account.

Setup complete! The next time you log in to Zoom and are prompted for a One-time passcode, you can use the Trusona app to log in.

Logging into Zoom Using 2FA

2FA Process
2FA Process

13. Zoom Login Using Primary Credentials

Log in to the Zoom Web Portal by using your username and account password

14. Zoom Login Using The Trusona Mobile App

Open the Trusona App on your mobile device and click on the hamburger icon in the top-left corner

Select 2-step verification (TOTP) from the menu

Navigate to your Zoom Account info. You should see a random 6-digit passcode displayed. Enter it into your computer, then click Continue

Use the Trusona mobile app
Use the Trusona mobile app




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