Integrating Trusona and Azure Active Directory B2B

This guide details the steps required to configure Trusona for your AAD (B2E).

1. What’s in this doc

Microsoft requires Azure Active Directory E3 or P1 to use the conditional access feature needed to integrate Trusona.

1. Step 1: Login to

2. Step 2: Send Trusona Your Directory ID

On the left-hand side select Azure Active Directory > Properties

Trusona will generate and email you your custom control configuration using your provided Directory ID. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your configuration.

3. Step 3: Create New Custom Control

On the left hand side select Azure Active Directory > Conditional access > Custom controls > New custom control.

4. Step 4: Replace JSON Code

The email sent from Trusona will contain the JSON code you will need for this step. Copy it from the email and paste it into the form field displayed after selecting New custom control (from Step 3).

After pasting the JSON into the field, select the Create button.

Replace this JSON code with the one provided in the email Trusona sent you

5. Step 5: Create a New Policy

With this form, you will want to do the following:

  1. Name the policy
  2. Select the users that will use Trusona
  3. Select the apps that will use Trusona
  4. Select the Trusona control you created in the previous steps
  5. Click the Select button
  6. Enable policy by toggling On
  7. Select the Create button

Users will be presented with a TruCode to scan the first time they use Trusona as an MFA. This will let the Trusona service know that the device scanning the code is being used by that user. After scanning the code, the user will receive a push notification to confirm your login.

After a user’s device has been bound to their Microsoft account every subsequent MFA request will come in the form of a Push notification.

6. Architecture

Trusona AAD B2B integration architecture diagram

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